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ethological riding 

Discover, progress or improve

La Cense offers a wide choice of courses, suitable for all practices and at all levels. Whether you want to discover the horse, progress with the La Cense Method or perfect your equestrian technique, the La Cense team accompanies you with your horse, or a stud horse. You follow the education that suits you and develop your understanding of the animal for a better relationship with the horse. 

Choose your internship

If you want to discover the horse and benefit from the advice of our professionals, take advantage of 3 unique experiences and spend a day at Haras de la Cense, with our horses.

Ethology and horse observation experience

Discovery Experience

Whisperers Experience 

Develop your relationship with the horse, by following the La Cense Method training program. Each course marks the stages of your progress. You benefit from the supervision of the La Cense team, to progress at your own pace.

Training course on foot 

Raised Education Internship 

Freedom Internship 

Expert Internship 

"Teens" internship

"Seniors" internship

Experts accompany you in your practice. During a weekend, you gain technique and benefit from professional advice: show jumping, dressage, eventing, long reins, show…

Mountain Trail Stage

Long reins course

Horse rider course


La Cense organizes days dedicated to passing exams. You validate your progress, thanks to the 8 degrees Cense and 5 ethological knowledge. A jury assesses your skills and knowledge. You get your colored cord, for each validated degree.


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Thanks to La Cense teaching aids, you can continue your learning, at home, independently; and progress at your own pace. The MOOC la Cense allows you to develop your knowledge and skills with practical and theoretical courses, in the form of videos to watch online.

Practical courses

Theorical class