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A complete and innovative pedagogy

La Cense makes accessible to all the knowledge and skills of Horse Man.

Theoretical courses and practical courses are two unique online training tools. To develop a relationship with the horse that respects its well-being, you have to understand its nature and behave as a caring educator. With the theoretical courses, you share the knowledge of more than 20 experts in ethology, veterinary medicine, agronomy, osteopathy, dentistry ... In practical courses, you will find the La Cense method and its progression of exercises in 8 degrees, the techniques of education of the young horse, as well as exercises to achieve a good locomotion of the horse.

Theorical class

Beginners or experienced, simple curious about the horse or experienced riders, you develop or consolidate your knowledge of behavior and physiology. Scientific knowledge informs your consideration of the well-being of the horse.

Practical courses

Horse lovers, of all ages and all levels, you will learn horse-friendly education techniques. The precise comments of the educational videos give you the keys to progress at your own pace, independently.