A recognized school

For more than 15 years, the Ecole la Cense has delivered further education to horsemen and horsewomen. The La Cense team, along with specialized experts, will teach you their technical expertise, their in-depth knowledge and the value of respect for horses. Through immersion in the day-to-day lives of the horses, students develop well-rounded professional skills, which are appreciated by companies in the sector.


International program

You can become a riding instructor with a BPJEPS and the BFEEII in 22 months. During the training at La Cense and the Cense Montana you will follow the joint training program in riding, teaching and equestrian knowledge.


Training in equestrian tourism

You will become a hack leader in seven months. Your training will take place at La Cense and at the FAE Equiloisirs riding school in Corsica. You will enjoy a comprehensive training course in riding, orienteering, horse handling and ethology.


Training in horse-related careers

Are you a French state-qualified riding instructor who would like to train in natural horsemanship? La Cense offers a unique course. By joining the La Cense stables for a year, you will participate in the work and daily care of the horses. The teaching team will teach you the La Cense Method and prepare you to sit the BFEE I and II. You will consolidate your skills before entering the labor market.


Summer training at La Cense

If you are an enthusiast planning a career in riding, La Cense offers you the opportunity to put your motivation to the test and can provide guidance on horse-related careers. Over the summer, you will participate actively in the daily life of the Haras. You will be introduced to the world of horses and the La Cense Method. You will follow a personal training plan established by the La Cense team and will sit the Savoirs Ethologiques exams.