Upgrade your expertise

Professionals in horse-related fields develop new skills, as part of further education, while continuing their professional work. They are awarded recognized diplomas, which prove their expertise to their clients and private or public sector partners.

Modular courses

You will showcase your professional skills through the Savoirs Ethologiques and the Brevets Fédéraux d’Equitation Ethologique. While continuing your activity, you will take part in five days of modular training. Each program consists of a practical part, a theory part and a teaching part.

Diploma in Ethology and Equine Sciences

This program brings together research work in ethology with professional working lives. Over the course of seven five-day modules, you will broaden your knowledge of theoretical and practical issues, through the expertise of the researchers, instructors, popular science specialists, and equestrian experts. You will develop an individual project, adapted to your background, which aims to improve the living conditions of horses, transmitting knowledge and developing a business.

University Diploma in Ethics, Well-Being and Rights of Horses

This program looks at society and raises questions about the integration of an ethical dimension into equestrian activities. You will take part in six two-day training sessions, which combine academic knowledge and professional experience. Professor Axel Kahn, an ethicist and horseman, has drafted the outline of this course, which falls within the Faculty of Law at the Université Paris Descartes.