In 2017, La Cense and the DELACHAUX editions created a collection of books dedicated to the human-horse relationship: Les Univers de la Cense. Recognized for its educational expertise and its ability to formalize technical and theoretical content, La Cense pursues its mission of transmission to a wide audience. Accessibility to these supports allows riders to develop their knowledge and know-how, independently. Thus, this learning complements the supervised training, which they follow with professional teachers.  

The Universes of La Cense include thematic works, both technical and theoretical. Horse education, daily care, living conditions or the keys to its well-being. The books in the collection are systematically the subject of associated video content available on the MOOC la Cense. The two supports can be used independently. Their content is complementary both on the pedagogical approach and on the nature of the information. With our 100% digital media, learn in a fun way through videos, quizzes and thus obtain your La Cense certificate.

In addition, alongside the Univers de la Cense collection, find a selection of works by renowned authors. In particular, deepen your knowledge of this noble and fascinating animal thanks to theFrench Institute of Horse and Riding. Food, ethology, well-being, passage des Galops©, competition and many other themes.

Whether you are professional, amateur or simple horse lover, find here a set of complete books. Accessible to all, these allow you to progress on a daily basis and become a real Man / Woman of the horse.

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  • At my pace

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  • Happiness is on horseback

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  • The horse is the future

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  • The foal, from birth to 3 years old

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  • New La Cense Method Edition

    The La Cense method

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  • Ethological riding, ethical riding

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    The young horse

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  • Little Geography in love with the horse

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  • Guide to Good Sanitary Practices for Equine Owners

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    Man and Horse

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  • On horseback in nature

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  • the horse in motion

    The horse in motion

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  • Photographing horses

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  • Principles for the education of horses

    Principles for the education of horses

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  • Horse who are you

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  • Gallop 1 to 4: Succeed with ethology

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  • Gallop 5 to 7: Succeed with ethology

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  • Working your horse according to the learning methods - Haras Nationaux

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