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A good man-horse relationship also develops thanks to quality equipment. You will find here all our ethological riding equipment.

The La Cense collection offers the basic tools essential for horse education. We notably find a rope halter, a 3,70m lanyard, a communication stick and a cord. Used on the ground or on horseback, these four essentials are grouped together in the “basic set”. A 7m lanyard is also available for remote work.

Other products complete this range and have been produced in partnership with companies with common values ​​of respect for the horse welfare.

La Cense collection by Dy'on offers aesthetic and efficient equipment that combines comfort and technicality. The bitless bridle is the flagship product of this collaboration. This is accompanied by 3 pairs of reins, a French noseband bridle, a rope halter, a 3-in-1 flat halter, as well as two lanyards.

Finally, the saddle blanket la Cense x Tacante is at the same time concerned with equine well-being, eco-responsible and technical thanks to its innovative composition in 4 breathable layers, free of dye in contact with the horse, and its 100% French manufacture.

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  • La Cense by Dy'on transport and stable lanyard

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  • La Cense by Dy'on working lanyard

    30,00 Buy
  • La Cense bag by Dy'on

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  • La Cense x Tacante saddle pad

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  • cord

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  • Communication stick

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  • 7m lanyard

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  • 3,70m lanyard

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  • Ethological halter


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