Online theory courses

La Cense has always been committed to making the knowledge and skills of Horsemen accessible to all. Following the success of the book The La Cense Method, we wanted to go further. Thus, La Cense innovates with unique content: online theoretical courses.

To develop a relationship with the horse that respects its well-being, it is above all necessary to understand its nature and behave as a benevolent educator. Thanks to the theoretical MOOC, you share the knowledge of more than 20 experts. Ethologists, veterinarians, agronomists, osteopaths, dentists… Research work that becomes accessible to all! Teachers, researchers, specialists in the popularization of science and experts explore theoretical questions. They share their expertise in a digital format that gives everyone the freedom to learn.

Beginners or experienced, simply curious about the horse or experienced riders, you develop or consolidate your knowledge of behavior and physiology. Scientific knowledge sheds light on your consideration of the well-being of the horse. As you progress, test your new knowledge in a fun way through quizzes and various questions. Get your La Cense certificate and share your results on the networks!

In addition, the Practical MOOC allows you to go further, complete your knowledge as well as online theoretical courses. Always in a digital format, you will find in particular the 8 degrees of the La Cense Method. Young horse education techniques as well as exercises to achieve good horse locomotion are also included.

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  • produces 6 modules

    The Mooc theoretical courses - The 6 modules

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  • Module 1 - Introduction to ethology

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  • Module 2 - The scientific approach

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  • Module 3 - Horse behavior

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  • Module 4 - Horse training

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  • Module 5 - The physiological functioning of the horse

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  • Module 6 - Managing the horse on the grass

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