Discover the Method, progress or improve your skills

bien choisir mon stage

La Cense offers a wide range of courses, adapted to all levels of ability and all riding disciplines. Whether you want to discover horses, progress with the La Cense Method or perfect your riding techniquethe La Cense team will support you with either your own horse or one from the Haras. You will follow the course of your choice and will develop your understanding of the animal to have a better relationship with it.


If you want an introduction to the world of horses and some advice from our experts, sign up for one of the 90 euro courses and spend a whole day with our horses at the Haras de la Cense.

Ethology and horse observation course

This course delivered by an expert scientist will introduce you to the lifestyle of horses and will shed light upon their behavior. An information-packed, classroom-based day in the heart of the countryside.

La Cense Method courses

Develop your relationship with horses by following the La Cense Method courses. Each course guides you progressively through the Method. Enjoy expert supervision by the La Cense team and progress at your own pace.

  • Introductory course
  • Groundwork training course
  • Combined training course
  • Saddle work training course
  • Liberty work course
  • Expert liberty work course
  • Saddle work communication course
  • Excellence course.

Themed courses

Experts will guide you to improve your way of riding. Improve your technique and enjoy professional advice over a weekend: show jumping, dressage, eventing, clicker training, long reins, show riding, etc.


La Cense organizes days devoted to exam sessions. Your progress will be monitored through the eight La Cense degrees and the five Savoirs Ethologiques. A jury will assess your expertise and knowledge. For every degree you pass, you will receive a colored string.



Through the La Cense teaching materials, you will continue learning independently at home, and will progress at your own speed.