Do you want to have your knowledge and skills recognized? Marking your progress is a great way to achieve goals and to enhance your motivation. La Cense organizes exam sessions every six months so you can assess your own progress.

5 Savoirs Ethologiques

The Savoirs Ethologiques are qualifications issued by the Fédération Française d’Equitation. Approved equestrian facilities which can award the Savoirs must have an instructor who holds a Brevet Fédéral d’Équitation Éthologique – BFEE.

  • Savoir 1 : understanding and approaching the horse
  • Savoir 2 : communicating on the ground at a short distance using a bridle or halter
  • Savoir 3 : communicating with a horse in the saddle
  • Savoir 4 : communicating on the ground through liberty work and using a lunge line
  • Savoir 5 : Improving communication with horses.

The Savoirs reflect your knowledge of horses’ nature and your practical expertise. They are broken down into two parts


  • Trust
  • Respect

The “groundwork” part defines the objectives which need to be met in order to pass the Savoir.

Example: Groundwork- Savoir 1 – Respect “Gain the horse’s acceptance and put on a halter.” The technique used is left up to the candidate.


  • Theoretical knowledge
  • Practical knowledge
  • Care

The 8 La Cense Degrees

Degrees are specific La Cense qualifications delivered by instructors trained in the La Cense Method. Each degree certifies a particular know-how covered by 15 exercises.

Graduates get a colored string for each Degree they successfully pass as a mark of their progression.

The Degree’s technical content matches the Groundwork goals of the Savoirs Ethologiques.

Degree 1
Contains the practical part of Savoir 1

Degree 2
Contains the practical part of Savoir 2

Degree 3
Contains the practical part of Savoir 3

Degree 4
Contains the practical part of Savoir 3

Degree 5
Contains the practical part of Savoir 4

Degree 6
Contains the practical part of Savoir 4

Degree 7
Contains the practical part of Savoir 5

Degree 8
Contains the practical part of Savoir 5

Passing exams

An exam session at La Cense consists in a theoretical and a practical part. That way you can validate Degrees and Savoirs Ethologiques at the same time.

It is recommended to pass exams with a horse you trained yourself given that you will be evaluated on this very skill.

You can pass the first 4 Degrees with a horse from La Cense if you don’t have your own.


Practical test
You will be asked to carry out all exercises included in the program of the degree you are passing, either on your own or in a small group. You will be evaluated by the jury during one hour.

Theoretical test
You will be tested during half an hour on your knowledge of the curriculum of the exam.


Exam sessions last one to two days each.


€55 per degree