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horse show

celerony-img3.jpg 04-08 December 2019celerony-img3.jpg


Find us at stand F152, opposite the career show!

We will be delighted to welcome you, to answer all your questions and to present to you all the news from La Cense, which are numerous this year:

- the launch of the La Cense collection by Dy'on

- the new ones teen internships et senior internship

- the equi-seminars for companies

The Institute for Man and Horse

The Big Game Contest La Cense with great prizes to be won!


When La Cense meets Dy'on

La Cense, a pioneer in ethological riding, talks about the nature and knowledge of animals.

Dy'on, Bridle expert is passionate about the technique of equestrian sports.

Collaboration is essential. After months of work guided by the quality requirement, it gives birth of a new range of exceptional products.

La Cense by Dy'on defends a relationship with the horse, respectful of its well-being, by offering a aesthetic and efficient material, which combines comfort and technicality.

Bitless bridle
La Cense by Dy'on
French noseband bridle
La Cense by Dy'on

The 3 reins models
La Cense by Dy'on

Transport halter, stable and grooming
La Cense by Dy'on

Rope Halter
La Cense by Dy'on
2 types of lanyards (2,50m and 3,70m)
La Cense by Dy'on

new internships

La Cense offers new courses to allow everyone to discover theethological riding and develop thea man-horse relationship at your own pace and safely

Teen Internship : 980 € / 5 days and 4 nights

  • Dates : 06/04 and 17/08
  • Meals & accommodation included
Senior internship : 825 € / 3 days and 2 nights

  • Dates : 17/03, 14/04, 12/05, 09/06, 16/06, 29/06
  • Meals & accommodation included


La Cense offers equi-seminars to businesses.

The use of the Man-Horse relationship allows:

To experience an original relationship, with the animal, to appreciate its constraints, limits and value
Take a step back on his mental and physical posture, in new situations
To share experienced sensations, and to identify the words chosen by each, to better understand each other

They did equi-seminars: Yves Saint-Laurent, Clarins, Meetic, Publicis…

Institute for Man and Horse

You can also find the Institute at stand F152.

Founded by William Kriegel, the Institute for Man and Horse to 3 missions: education, social mediation and research and a vocation: to contribute to human well-being thanks to the horse.

The Institute wants to give hope to each of us by participating in collective progress by putting the horse at the center of its actions.

contest la cense

Take part in our great online contest!


10 magnificent prizes to be won:

- 1 Young horses course in Montana

- 2 bitless bridles Cense by Dy'on

- 3 “Discovery” courses La Cense method

- 4 MOOC Practice “La Cense Method”