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The Institute

Support a philanthropic cause of general interest to contribute to the well-being of Man thanks to the horse

Your business is concerned about its social commitment and wishes to support a cause of general interest.

The Institute for Man and Horse, an initiative of general interest founded by William Kriegel, offers concrete solutions to transform your commitment into an action program around three main missions with the horse: social mediation, education and research.

Great natural mediator, the horse is the ideal partner in the accompaniment of people weakened by life, in the process of (re) construction.

Use The “mirror effect” of the horse to (re) weave social ties.
To be facing the horse is to be facing yourself, without judgment.
Calmed, reassured or comforted, each one finds in him springs to go again towards the other.

Support   training to get to know the horse and nature.
"Know in order to respect". The greater number gain access to knowledge.
The institute contributes to collective progress, by transmitting these universal values.

Finance research work which feed a reflection on the relation Man-horse and its effects on the one as on the other.

Advances are popularized without being distorted.
Sharing with everyone, knowledge gives everyone their freedom of conviction. 

Around its 3 missions: social mediation, l'education et the research, the Institute puts the horse, a true School of life, within everyone's reach.