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la Cense by Dy'on

when the cense meets dy'on

La Cense, a pioneer in ethological riding, talks about the nature and knowledge of animals. Dy'on, expert in bridlework is passionate about the technique of equestrian sports.

The hyphen is called RELATION. The La Cense Method gives everyone the means to communicate with the horse. Dy'on leathers weave a thread of intimacy between the rider and his mount.
La Cense and Dy'on create a link between two living things.
Collaboration is essential. After months of work guided by the demand for quality, it gives birth to a new range of exceptional products.

La Cense by Dy'on defends a relationship with the horse, respectful of its well-being, by offering an aesthetic and efficient material, which combines comfort and technicality.

the collection

Presented by Manuel Godin, technical director of Haras de la Cense.


"The reinforcement provided on the noseband of the rope halter increases comfort during handling. The headrest and the noseband of the transformable halter, also reinforced, also provide innovative comfort. The combination of leather + synthetic is a good idea and visually very pleasant The classic mesh, with the ergonomic headrest, clears the ears. The thinness of the uprights avoids the risk of trauma to the eye, and the ergonomic noseband prevents creases in the chamfer. The oval reinforcements on the reins can improve the sensitivity of the rider's hand and also serve as a martingale retainer, which has a very effective double effect. Finally, the bitless net for working a wounded horse (mouth-tongue-teeth) is much preferable to hackamore often too In addition, the adjustable knots on the uprights have the advantage of obtaining more precise actions while keeping the fluidity necessary for movement. To conclude, I think that this complete range goes in the direction of the relation that we wish to have with our horse: connection, complicity, confidence and comfort. "
Francis rebel
BEES 3 squire teacher