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The method

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Progress with the La Cense Method

Developing the Man-Horse relationship

The La Cense Method offers a training program for horses and riders. Its exercise progression, structured in 8 degrees, helps develop the man-horse relationship.

Guide your horse in learning

Each level includes between 15 and 20 exercises, which encourage the horse to find for itself the answers expected by the rider. The horse thus develops its learning capacity. Each rider has a harmonious relationship with his horse, adapted to his practice.

To get started with the La Cense method

The La Cense Method is taught at La Cense as part of the Internship and vocational training course.

Its content is accessible, thanks to innovative teaching aids: videos and practical works.

To validate your Cense degree

You mark your progress passing the degrees the Cense. The jury gives you, for each diploma, a cord of the color of the validated level.

Degrees 1 and 2: Basics of working on foot

You set up communication codes on foot. The 20 exercises of degree 1 and the 17 exercises of degree 2, allow you to progress step by step, independently on the MOOC La Cense Method, or framed during a educational walk.

Degrees 3 and 4: Basics of mounted work

You transpose your knowledge on foot, once on horseback. Practice the 18 exercises of degree 3 and the 16 exercises of degree 4 thanks to the MOOC La Cense Method, or during a mounted education internship.

Degrees 5 and 6: Work in freedom

You gradually test your connection, 7m long with the 16 exercises of degree 5 then in freedom, thanks to the 13 exercises of degree 6. Refine your technique during a freedom course.

Degrees 7 and 8: Improvement

You perform complex movements, with the 13 saddle exercises of level 7 and the 15 bareback exercises in string of degree 8. Perfect your tact by expert internship.


“I have had Calem since he was 4 years old. By following the Method, in training and at home, I learned to THINK HORSE.
We are accomplices on foot, in career and outdoors. ”


the 45th anniversary

“I ride in show jumping. This approach allowed me to improve the physical and mental functioning of my mare.
I evolved with it. Today we are a real couple when we go on a course. "


the 18th anniversary

“I was seduced by the La Cense method because it integrates knowledge and understanding of the horse. "


the 22th anniversary

“Passionate about the outdoors, I wanted to continue riding on horseback, in complete safety.
My horse June works with the La Cense team. While on the road, he is attentive, I am serene, for our greatest pleasure! "


the 80th anniversary