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French Horse Institute
and horse riding

The French Institute for Horse and Riding (IFCE) is a technical institute at the service of actors in the equine sector and public operator of State policies. The IFCE is a technical support, expertise and research institute. The IFCE produces and transfers knowledge relating to horses and riding, contributes to policies supporting equestrian sports and promotes the tangible and intangible equestrian heritage. La Cense collaborates with the IFCE to improve the transfer of knowledge to professional and amateur players in the equine sector. This desire is reflected in the intervention of IFCE experts in the MOOC of La Cense and during various events, the publication of a common monthly newsletter "Info Bien-être", as well as relay actions on social networks, including Equine Research Wednesdays, where Internet users are asked to formulate their research questions.

French Horse Riding Federation

Through the Clubs which are its members, the FFE issues federal licenses and diplomas, organizes training, draws up sporting regulations and coordinates the High Level in the various equestrian disciplines. The French Equestrian Federation supports the educational approach of the La Cense Method. In order to allow as many people as possible to benefit from this approach, FFE licensees benefit from a 10% reduction on all events organized at La Cense.

Ile-de-France Regional Riding Committee

The Ile-de-France Regional Equestrian Committee (CREIF) is one of the 23 decentralized regional bodies of the French Equestrian Federation: its mission is to encourage, promote, develop and organize equestrian activities in all areas. forms and practices in his region, but also to train riding teachers. La Cense is one of the CREIF training providers, preparing each year a promotion of ten students at BPJEPS as part of International Training.


With its 9 Training and Research Units (UFR) and its IUT, the Paris Descartes University covers all knowledge in the humanities and health sciences. The only university in Ile-de-France to combine medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, its health center is recognized in Europe and throughout the world. In 2015, Paris Descartes University and La Cense created the DU Ethics, Welfare and Horse Law. Initiative led by Axel Kahn, former president of the institution. The program is attached to the Faculty of Law.


A true "job center for horses" ,equi-ressources monitors the job market in the equine sector. From the management of offers and requests for jobs or internships, to the production of qualitative or statistical studies on the sector, its useful services for companies, also include a valuable information base on trades, training and dynamics. of the equine sector. La Cense posts its own ads on the equi-resources site. In addition, often requested in the framework of research for specific skills in horse education or pedagogy, the stud transmits these singular requests, so that they are relayed on the platform and inventoried.


The first environmental and animal welfare label in the equine sector, Equures labeled La Cense in 2017. The Haras joins the 25 pioneering and innovative structures of the equestrian world in the field of respect for the planet. Every two months, EquuRES offers “an environmental note” in the well-being info. It gives advice for the ecological management of establishments in the equine sector.

Hippolia pole

The Hippolia Cluster promotes collaboration between companies, research organizations and training centers to bring out innovative projects that will lead to new products. It works daily to improve the competitiveness of its members and the French horse industry. La Cense joined the Pôle Hippolia in 2016, thanks to its commitment to transmitting knowledge and know-how and its innovative pedagogy.

FAE Equiloisirs

Specialist in horse riding, riding school and professional training center, FAE Equiloisirs is a major player in French equestrian tourism. Located in Corsica, the structure benefits from an exceptional environment, which promotes the development of its outdoor activities. Since 2016, FAE Equiloisirs and La Cense have been developing unique training in France, which prepares for the Equestrian Tourism Companion diploma and the Federal Certificate of Ethological Equitation I.

French Saddle Stud-Book

The SELLE FRANÇAIS STUD-BOOK represents the “Selle Français” breed of horses to stakeholders and contacts from the equine world as well as any interested public. La Cense collaborates in the characterization of young stallions. Manuel Godin, the technical director of the stud, brings his expertise on the behavior of around thirty horses, in order to disseminate as much information as possible to breeders on these future breeders. La Cense also supports the “YOUNG BREEDERS” project, which is a breeding competition dedicated to young people aged 16 to 25. They compare not only their knowledge of breeding, but also their technique of preparing the horse, as well as their ability to judge young horses. The final training course for the Selle Français team takes place at La Cense.

French Saddle Stud-Book

Practice Horse

Cheval Pratique informs all enthusiasts, recreational and sports riders, thanks to the collaboration of the best professionals in the sector in France. A long-standing partner of La Cense, the editorial team, led by Stéphane Litas, has supported the emergence, development and then generalization of ethological riding for more than 10 years. Each month, Manuel Godin delivers his technical advice in the “J'éduque mon cheval” section. The exercises described and illustrated in the magazine refer to videos on the newspaper's website, to be always closer to the readers.

Horse Magazine

With 12 issues and 2 special issues per year, Cheval Magazine is the leading equestrian magazine in France. The monthly offers over 100 pages of exciting articles to understand, love and get to know horses. Since September 2018, the magazine has produced a mini web-series on International Training La Cense. Internet users follow the life and progression of second-year students until they obtain their BPJEPS and BFE EE II. An episode is broadcast each month on the magazine's web platform: chevalmag.com.

Association for Development
of Equine Sciences

At the initiative of Aude Caussarieu, the association aims to participate in the realization of scientific projects around horses. La Cense supports its innovative approach, which is based on the concept of 'participatory science', where each citizen becomes an actor in the production of knowledge. La Cense disseminates the results of the protocols set up by the members of the association, following a scientific questioning supervised by researchers. In addition, the "science page" section of the well-being info contains summaries of scientific articles published by the association.

Hipp up

Hipp up aims to provide advice to anyone who works with horses, wishing to better understand them and teach them how to evolve with us. La Cense and Hipp'up join forces to disseminate knowledge about the well-being of the horse. The “etho-logical” response is a section of the Info bien-être, the bimonthly newsletter distributed by Cense. Hipp up thus gives practical advice, to take into account the horse's behavior when interacting with him.

Paris horse show

A major equestrian event in France and Europe, the Paris Horse Show welcomes horse enthusiasts from all walks of life. Neophytes, amateurs, competitors and professionals, all come together around the animal and the variety of equestrian practices. Learn, discover, try, the fair is an extraordinary place of exchange. La Cense, a meeting place par excellence, finds itself in this dimension of openness.

Espace Rambouillet

A wild forest teeming with large animals, a trail suspended in the trees accessible from 3 years old “the green odyssey®”, a show of birds of prey in flight and a deer observation course: four good reasons to come and discover this unique space in Ile-de-France. Espace Rambouillet allows young and old to rediscover the beauty of nature and the role of the men who manage it. Espace Rambouillet and Haras de la Cense have been collaborating since 2016 on the theme of animal welfare. The students of the University Diploma in Ethics, Welfare and Horse Law discuss during a day, with the animal keepers of the park, around questions related to the human-animal relationship and its presentation to the general public.