Technical staff

The La Cense team can provide help with all your riding projects, from sport to leisure. Its expertise is based on experienced, French state-qualified riders/instructors. Underlying all our work is a single technical approach to teaching: the La Cense Method. Throughout their professional careers, each of our experts has developed their own skills. Our skilled instructors contribute to all the facility’s activities: training horses, courses, vocational training and the stables.

Elena Gallo

Manager of the courses


Our “Italian” as we call her, left her homeland in pursuit of her passion: horses. She fell in love with La Cense during a school trip in 2012. Here, she met Caroline and Manuel Godin and prepared to enter the instructor training program at their facility in Beaurose. She then followed a two-year course as an apprentice and obtained her teaching diploma. Hired by La Cense in 2015, she passed both Brevets Fédéraux d’Equitation Ethologie and took over as resident manager in Bretigny. She is fulfilling her dreams at La Cense, training both owners and students taking part in courses, in a whirlwind of energy and generosity.

Caroline Godin

Manager of the livery stables


Born in Le Chesnay, just like Kevin Staut. Her little quip says a lot about this competitive rider who is full of good humor. Caroline has developed an in-depth knowledge of horses through both her work in a riding school in eventing stable and her training at the Ecole de la Cense. Her expertise is demonstrated in her high-quality riding. After she passed her teaching exams, she began her career as a rider at the Haras de Hus. Now back at La Cense, she is an instructor and trains horses at home and in competition. A professional independent rider, she has a distinguished record in dressage events and teaches students in the three Olympic disciplines. Caroline manages the livery stables. Her riding illustrates the values of La Cense; her determination inspires every student to progress while respecting the horse.

Manuel Godin

Technical Director 

BEES 2 and BFEE 3

He is proud of his origins in the Landes department: that is about the only thing that this quiet horseman gives away. But let us not forget his background as a riding instructor and eventing rider, which marked the start of his professional career. One should also not overlook the training sabbatical used to take part in the Ecole la Cense for two years, before working towards and passing his BEES 2, under the attentive eye of Francis Rebel, not to mention his career as a professional, independent show jumper for three years. Technical Director of La Cense, he is in charge of managing the riding facility, the teaching team and sports development. He shares the La Cense values of open-mindedness and has an acute sense of quality.

Claude Langrand

Open spaces maintenance manager

Don’t step on the grass! That might be this nature enthusiast’s favorite sentence. Once you get past Claude’s straight talking, there is a wealth of knowledge to discover. Very keen on arboriculture, he knows every plant in La Cense. The open spaces maintenance manager since 1998 allows nature to express freely for the greatest delight of everyone on the site: horse, riders and wild animals. Claude lives every day in harmony with the local fauna and flora, embodying the values of respect that lie at the heart of La Cense.

Sarah Oismayo

Educational manager


Her career as a rider in a riding school in the east of France was to confirm her professional aspirations to work with horses. She headed to Mourmelon to prepare and pass the exam to become a French state-qualified riding instructor. She perfected her initial training at La Cense and obtained the two Brevets Fédéraux d’Equitation Ethologique. Hired by La Cense, she is responsible for courses for the public and modular training courses. The desire for continuous improvement runs in her blood, and she went to the Haras de Hus for six months to gain experience in breaking-in young horses. On her return to La Cense as teaching manager, she is now responsible, in particular, for the international training. Her open-mindedness and ability to interact with people from all riding backgrounds reflects the La Cense spirit.

Cannelle Roche

Deputy manager of the livery stables


At the age of only 20, Cannelle was already BPJESP and BFEE II qualified. Hired by La Cense as she graduated with her BFEE II, the diligent student jumped straight in at the deep end with professionals. She joined the livery stables alongside the stable manager and is now responsible for the day-to-day management of horses. Her goal is to keep on improving in her work with horses. At La Cense, she seeks a balance between sports riding and understanding horses, to get the best out of her horses while respecting their well-being.

External contributors

La Cense is surrounded by a network of professionals who are recognized for their technical, teaching and scientific expertise. Throughout the year, they contribute towards the training curriculum and courses. These external partners, in the true sense of the word, contribute towards the collective La Cense dynamic, sharing their skills and expertise with us.

Ludovic d’Hautefeuille



As part of his training as an agricultural engineer, Ludovic completed his first six-month placement at Pat Parelli’s ranch in Colorado. His skills in natural horsemanship are widely recognized and he was part of the first year of graduates from the Ecole la Cense. Once he had graduated, he began his professional career teaching courses and training at La Cense and throughout France. He passed his riding instructor diploma and built upon his experience in a trot racing stables, both at La Cense and independently. In particular, he developed expertise in ground working, using long reins. His search for excellence and thirst for knowledge draw respect and admiration from his peers. Ludovic puts his teaching and techniques to use at La Cense during the modular training courses.

Claire Neveux


Masters 2 Ethology

Having worked for several years in racehorse breeding in France and abroad, Claire Neveux moved towards studying animal behavior. With a Masters in Applied Ethology, in 2011 she created Ethonova, a consultancy and training firm specializing in equine behavior that targets amateurs and professionals. Ethonova connects ethology research teams and stakeholders in the equine industry. Her grassroots approach and passion for communication, both highly prized values for La Cense, are put to great use during the modular training courses.

Fabien Rigaud



Alongside scientific studies in Animal Biology / Ecology and Land Management, Fabien continued his riding training and obtained an equine breeding diploma as well as an ATE diploma. His professional direction was confirmed when he passed his instructor qualifications. The desire to broaden his equestrian skills and his interest in the science of animal behavior and learning naturally steered him towards further education at the Haras de La Cense, where he obtained his BFEE2. As a firm believer in the added value which the La Cense Method gives to the training of horses and riders, he incorporated it into his work as an independent rider and instructor. He has been participating in the La Cense courses now for many years.

Hélène Roche


Masters 2 in Ethology

As a horse enthusiast from an early age, Hélène naturally began to think about studying to be a vet. During a work placement at the Takh organization, which works to preserve Przewalksi horses, she discovered ethology. With a DESS in applied ethology, she developed her knowledge in the University of Rennes ethology lab, and worked for the IFCE before “creating her own job,” as she puts it. Now an independent trainer and author, she contributes to the dissemination of knowledge on horse behavior. Alongside the La Cense team, she teaches the Diploma in Ethology and Equine Sciences and contributes towards the modular training courses.

Administrative management

Get in touch with the La Cense team for all information and booking.

Sandra Amiet

After graduating with an AES degree, she was fascinated by this field and applied to La Cense which was just a few kilometers away from her home. Since then, she has become an emblematic figure at the Haras, acting as its voice, its memory and sometimes even as a mother figure for the team and course attendees. She handles the administrative aspects of the courses and professional training sessions, and moves heaven and earth to obtain funding. She makes every visit to the Haras as pleasant as possible. She personifies conviviality, a value dearly held at La Cense, and forms an integral part of our team.

Guillemette de Romans

Her oldest passion is horses! From the age of 11, she devoted almost all her spare time to horses. Once she had passed her teaching exams, she decided to make it her profession and garnered a range of experiences, from teaching to competition. The desire to change direction, yet continue to work closely with horses, and her core value of respecting the animal led her to joining La Cense. In particular, she is in charge of the administrative management of the livery stables and international training. Although her thoroughness is legendary, she also knows how to be light-hearted and how to laugh at herself. She is like the La Cense setting which she loves so dearly: natural!

Anne de Sainte Marie

She became passionate about horses at an early age, spending her childhood surrounded by the stallions of the French National Stud, the employers of both of her parents. After enjoying amateur riding, Anne began to study at the Faculty of Economics, before graduating from Audencia, the business school in Nantes. Her professional career began with four years as events manager at the Salon du Cheval in Paris. Recruited by the national technical management of the FFE, over a period of three years she developed her taste for high level sport, the equine industry and the diversity of those involved in it. On her first visit to La Cense in 2002, Anne was fascinated by the place but could not have dreamed that a few years later she would join the team as strategic director.