Fédération Française d’Equitation

Through its member clubs, the FFE issues licenses and federal diplomas, organizes training sessions, develops sports regulations and coordinates the highest levels of the various equestrian disciplines. The Fédération Française d’Equitation supports the La Cense Method teaching approach. In order to enable the largest number of people to benefit from this approach, FFE license holders receive a 10% discount on all events organized by La Cense.

Comité Régional d’Equitation d’Ile-de-France

The Comité Régional d’Equitation d’Ile-de-France (CREIF) is one of the 23 local decentralized bodies of the Fédération Française d’Equitation (FFE). Its mission is to promote, develop and organize equestrian activities within the Parisian area; it is also aimed at training riding instructors. La Cense stands among the training providers for the CREIF as it prepares a dozen of students each year for the BPJEPS (French teaching certificate for riding instructors) as a part of its International program.


Pôle Hippolia

logo hippoliaPôle Hippolia promotes collaboration between companies, research bodies and training centers to develop innovative projects which will lead to new products, and strives on a daily basis to improve the competitiveness of its members and of the French equine industry. Since 2016, La Cense is a member committed to transmit knowledge and know-how with innovative teaching methods.

Université Paris Descartes

The Université Paris Descartes covers the whole spectrum of health and human sciences with its nine research and training units and its University Institute of Technology. The health division is recognized in Europe and worldwide, as it is the only University in the Parisian area to combine medicine, pharmacy and dental sciences. Together with La Cense, the Université Paris Descartes created the University Degree in the Ethics, Well-Being and Rights of Horses, an initiative led by Axel Kahn, former president of the institution. The program is attached to the Law faculty.

FAE Equiloisirs

LOGO équi noir 2014FAE Equiloisirs is a specialist in trail riding, a riding school, a vocational training center and all in all a major stakeholder in the French equestrian tourism industry. The center, located in Corsica, benefits from an incredibly beautiful setting that helps the development of outdoor activities. Since 2016, FAE Equiloisirs and La Cense have developed a unique training course in France that prepares for the French Equestrian Tourism Guide qualification and for the Brevet Fédéral d’Encadrement d’Equitation Ethologique I.

Cheval pratique

Logo Cheval PratiqueCheval Pratique works with the best horse professionals in France to deliver information to all horse lovers and riders. The editorial team led by Stéphane Litas has supported the emergence, development and spread of ethological riding for more than ten years as a historical partner of La Cense. Manuel Godin delivers technical advice monthly in the “J’éduque mon cheval” section. Exercises featured in the magazine link back to videos on its website to stay close to readers.

Ar(t) Cheval

ARTCHEVALAr(t) Cheval is an annual exhibition of contemporary art that was created on the initiative of the town of Saumur. It offers artists a creative laboratory around horses. It is a place for artists to meet, discuss, create, exhibit and promote their work. Ar(t) Cheval and La Cense work together to make art and knowledge about horses more accessible. All participants in the La Cense artistic workshops are invited to the private viewing of the Festival Ar(t) Cheval.

Cheval Savoir

Logo cheval savoirCheval Savoir is a monthly equestrian magazine which is published exclusively on the Internet. It aims to present articles drafted by the best French and foreign specialists. Every month, the magazine offers a whole host of detailed and abundantly illustrated articles. La Cense offers one article from Cheval Savoir free of charge to all subscribers to the Info Bien Être newsletter.

Hipp up

logo3anneLudoHipp’up aims to provide advice to anyone who works with horses and wants to understand them better and to teach them to thrive with us. La Cense and Hipp’up work together to disseminate knowledge about the well-being of horses. The “etho-logical” answer is a section in Info Bien-Être, the two-monthly newsletter distributed by La Cense. Hipp-up gives practical advice on taking a horse’s behavior into account when interacting with it.


Salon du Cheval de Paris

A major equestrian event in France and Europe, the Salon du Cheval de Paris welcomes horse lovers from all backgrounds. Novices, amateurs, competitors and professionals all come together to celebrate the horse and a wide range of equestrian disciplines. Learn, discover and try: the exhibition is an extraordinary place for interaction. There is a clear role for La Cense within this spirit of openness and bringing people together. Since 2014, the Salon du Cheval de Paris, in partnership with La Cense, has offered visitors an Ethology, Health and Well-Being hub. Some twenty professionals and members of the public get together in a dedicated area to discuss the behavior of horses and its effect on practices such as breaking-in, equestrian shows and riding in riding schools. The hub’s school gives professionals the opportunity to conduct interactive demonstrations with the public.

Espace Rambouillet

logo-espace-rambouilletWoods bustling with wildlife, the “green odyssey” -a path suspended on trees for children from the age of 3-, a show with birds of prey in free-flight and a deer observation trail: four good reasons to come and discover this park, the only one of its kind in the Parisian area. The Espace Rambouillet and the Haras de la Cense work together on animal welfare since 2016. During their course, students of the Diplôme Universitaire Ethique, Bien-être et Droit du cheval spend a day meeting and exchanging ideas with wildlife professionals about human-animal interaction and how it is presented to general public.