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Module 1 - Introduction to ethology


(4 Customer reviews)
Learn without taking the lead with the MOOC Horse! Whatever your initial level of knowledge, you will follow the progression without difficulty. For 3 months, you can enjoy wherever you want, at your own pace: 13 videos, or 2:40 exposed ...Read more

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Learn without taking the lead with the MOOC Horse!

Whatever either your initial level of knowledge, you will follow the progression, without difficulty.

For 3 months, you can enjoy wherever you want, at your own pace:

  • 13 videos, 2 hours 40 minutes
    lectures, horse observation comments, testimonies…
  • 36 teaching aids
    presentations used during lessons, written transcripts of speeches, links and digital supports to go further
  • 28 varied and fun quiz questions

Or a personal investment estimated at 9 hours.

The key is your training follow-up certificate.

You will find in this module the entire theoretical program of ethological knowledge of the French Equestrian Federation. Everything you always wanted to know about scientific ethology: What is its origin? What does this discipline teach us about horses? How does it differ from ethological riding?

This program presents knowledge that is consensus in the scientific community, as of the state of knowledge in May 2018.

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During your progression, you reach the following educational objectives:

Theme 1: Introduction to ethology

Know how :

  • Differentiate ethology and ethological riding
  • Differentiate observation and interpretation

Theme 2: The natural horse

Knowledge :

  • Know the methodological principles behind the construction of a time budget
  • Know that the horse has access to information other than the human
  • Understand the factors of group cohesion and the usefulness of the dominance hierarchy

Know how :

  • Use the words appropriately: wild, domesticated, feral, tame, extensive farming
  • Recognize the social structures of a “natural” herd of horses and the dynamics of forming a family group
  • Distinguish between situations where the horse communicates intentionally and others where its posture can provide information on its state

Theme 3: The horse in interaction with man

Knowledge :

  • Distinguish awareness, habituation and desensitization
  • Know experiences allowing to characterize the temperament of a horse
  • Identify the main differences between the lifestyle of horses in the wild and in domestic conditions
  • Cite reference authors and know their area of ​​expertise.


Aude Cassarieu

Research teacher in science teaching

Claire Neveux

Master of Applied Ethology - Ethonova

Helene roche


Alice Ruet

PhD student in equine ethology at the National Institute of Agronomic Research

4 reviews for Module 1 - Introduction to ethology

  1. marion.pullip32 (Customer confirmed) -

    I found this first module very interesting, precise and complete. Despite the aspect can sometimes be a little redundant or simplistic it seemed to me very important to return in particular to definitions, abuses of language and so on so that I can then deepen thanks to the other modules. Very impatient to start the continuation! thank you very much for this training and for top customer service!

  2. KARINE (Customer confirmed) -

    I am really satisfied to follow this first module. The interlocutors are easy to follow, they clearly explain each topic. Impatient to follow others!

  3. camilledurand (Customer confirmed) -

    Very educational, clear and very well structured. It is a very interesting first approach to ethology. Access to courses and other documents is also very practical and allows you to come back to points. I will start the continuation !!!
    Thank you

  4. franoiseraoult (Customer confirmed) -

    It is an exciting course which gives an excellent basis, provided of course that you continue reading; the speakers are clear and very educational; accessible course materials make it possible to constitute a “real file”; so I'm going to get into module 2!
    Thank you for this quality learning.

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