Module 5 - The physiological functioning of the horse


Learn without the hassle with the Horse MOOC! Whatever your initial level of knowledge, you will follow the progression, without difficulty. For 3 months, you can enjoy wherever you want, at your own pace: 17 videos, or 2h35 exposed ...Read more


Learn without the hassle with the Horse MOOC!

Whatever either your initial level of knowledge, you will follow the progression, without difficulty.

For 3 months, you can enjoy wherever you want, at your own pace:

  • 17 videos, 2 hours 35 minutes
    lectures, horse observation comments, testimonies…
  • 48 teaching aids
    presentations used during lessons, written transcripts of speeches, links and digital supports to go further
  • 38 varied and fun quiz questions

Or a personal investment estimated at 9 hours.

The key is your training follow-up certificate.

Do you want to develop the well-being of your horse and want to better understand its physiological functioning? Learn in this module good practices to preserve the physique of the horse and meet its needs.

This program presents knowledge that is consensus in the scientific community, as of the state of knowledge in May 2018.

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During your progression, you reach the following educational objectives:

Theme 1: Digestive system and food

Knowledge :

  • Distinguish the two stages of horse digestion
  • Understanding the breakdown of the main foods into sugars, fats and proteins
  • Know the need for fiber for the proper functioning of the digestive system, and the consequences of a lack of grass or hay
  • Acquire notions of equine dentistry

Know how :

  • Know the principle of calculating the energy intake of a ration
  • Prioritize the importance of the elements to take into account when building a ration
  • Differentiate the energy density of food
  • Identify what depends or not on the physical activity of the horse when calculating quantities
  • To be able to link complementations to corresponding pathologies

Theme 2: The horse: selected for sport

Knowledge :

  • Identify factors limiting performance in horses
  • Know how energy is produced during exercise
  • Identify the differences between bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles, and their healing characteristics, and be able to adapt soils according
  • Understand which muscle groups are involved in supporting the rider
  • Recognize the importance of observing locomotion for the practice of both rider and veterinarian

Know how :

  • Know the best practices for accommodating your horse while preserving your respiratory system
  • Evaluate the impact of the front end position of the horse on its musculoskeletal system
  • Identify the muscle groups involved in an exercise
  • Know how to describe a locomotor examination

Theme 3: General medicine // Public health

Knowledge :

  • Know normal physiological values
  • Know how to relate the right class of dewormers to the right season
  • Know good prophylaxis practices

Know how :

  • Being able to detect warning signals and react accordingly
  • Know the importance of daily observation of horses to identify any anomalies.


Charles Barré

Veterinary doctor expert in nutrition

Michael brondeau

Equine dental technician FFTDE / GIPSA

Olivier Couderc

Equine veterinarian

Julie dauvillier

Specialist veterinarian in internal horse medicine - ACVIM-ECEIM graduate

Marie delerue

Veterinarian; equine health development engineer at the French Institute for Horses and Riding

Francis Desbrosse


Manuel Godin

Technical director of Haras de la Cense

Anne d'Hautefeuille

Animal osteopath

Frédéric Thirouin

Veterinary doctor, laureate of the National Veterinary School of Alfort, former intern of ENVA and CIRALE


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