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Module 6 - Managing the Grass Horse


Learn without taking the lead with the MOOC Horse! Whatever your initial level of knowledge, you will follow the progression without difficulty. For 3 months, you can enjoy wherever you want, at your own pace: 18 videos, or 2:50 exposed ...Read more

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Learn without taking the lead with the MOOC Horse!

Whatever either your initial level of knowledge, you will follow the progression, without difficulty.

For 3 months, you can enjoy wherever you want, at your own pace:

  • 18 videos, 2 hours 50 minutes
    lectures, horse observation comments, testimonies…
  • 47 teaching aids
    presentations used during lessons, written transcripts of speeches, links and digital supports to go further
  • 31 varied and fun quiz questions

Or a personal investment estimated at 9:30 a.m.

The key is your training follow-up certificate.

Do you want to optimize the management of your grass horse or learn more about how a meadow works? This module gives you good management practices and allows you to make informed choices based on benefit-risk analyzes.

This program presents knowledge that is consensus in the scientific community, as of the state of knowledge in May 2018.

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During your progression, you reach the following educational objectives:

Theme 1: From soil to plant

Knowledge :

  • Understand photosynthesis  Know where water and nutrients come from

Know how :

  • Being able to relate the composition of a soil to its properties for breeding

Theme 2: From grass to hay

Knowledge :

  • Know what hay is
  • Know the dynamics of the evolution of the richness of grass
  • Understand the principle of a bioindicator plant and be able to cite examples

Know how :

  • Recognize nutritious, poisonous and useful plants
  • Know how to recognize good hay according to criteria

Theme 3: Managing the horse housed outside

Knowledge :

  • Recognize the social structures of a herd of horses in natural conditions
  • Know good practices: the development and maintenance of a meadow, prophylaxis, allow horses to have social relationships, feed horses
  • Understand the concept of loading a pasture
  • Understanding the role of the horse in an agroecological system
  • Be convinced of the interdependence of human, nature and animal health

Know how :

  • Know the differences between agroecology and ancient agriculture
  • Cite examples of the complementarity of cattle and horses on the prairie
  • Know how to observe a meadow in order to preserve it
  • Become aware of soil evolution
  • Understand whether or not putting protections depends on a benefit-risk estimate.


Marie Delerue

Veterinarian; equine health development engineer at the French Institute for Horses and Riding

Angelique Descarpentry

Agricultural engineer

Pauline Doligez

Development Engineer in horse feed and maintenance at the French Institute of Horses and Horse Riding

Caroline Godin

Head of the owners' stable at Haras de la Cense

Pierre Julienne

Breeder in Normandy

Geneviève de Sainte Marie

Agroecology project manager at the general directorate of food of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food


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