The Mooc theoretical courses - The 6 modules


Learn without the hassle with the Horse MOOC! Whatever your initial level of knowledge, you will follow the progression, without difficulty. For 18 months *, you can enjoy wherever you want, at your own pace: 97 videos: presentations, comments ...Read more


Learn without the hassle with the Horse MOOC!

Whatever your initial level of knowledge, you will follow the progression without difficulty.

For 18 months *, you can enjoy wherever you want, at your own pace:

  • Of the 97 videos:
    lectures, horse observation comments, testimonies…
  • 250 educational materials:
    presentations used during lessons, written transcripts of speeches, links and digital supports to go further
  • 160 varied and fun quiz questions
    Or a personal investment estimated at 75 hours.

The key is your Cense certificate.

Thanks to the MOOC, research work becomes accessible to all. Teacher-researchers, popular science specialists and experts deepen theoretical questions. They share their expertise in a digital format that gives everyone the freedom to learn.

* No fraction per module: the 18 months of validity start when you start a module. 

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Module 1 - Introduction to ethology

  • Theme 1: Introduction to ethology
  • Theme 2: The natural horse
  • Theme 3: The horse interacting with humans

Module 2 - The scientific approach

  • Theme 1: What is science?
  • Theme 2: Evaluate information to make a decision

Module 3 - Horse behavior

  • Theme 1: Understanding the senses of the horse
  • Theme 2: Behaviors of the horse
  • Theme 3: Social behavior
  • Theme 4: Reading a horse

Module 4 - Horse training

  • Theme 1: Learning in scientific ethology
  • Theme 2: Optimizing horse learning
  • Theme 3: Horse education methods and science

Module 5 - The physiological functioning of the horse

  • Theme 1: Digestive system and food
  • Theme 2: The horse selected for sport
  • Theme 3: General medicine public health

Module 6 - Managing the horse on the grass

  • Theme 1: From soil to plant
  • Theme 2: From grass to hay
  • Theme 3: Managing the horse housed outside


Researchers, PhD graduates

Aude Cassarieu

Research teacher in science teaching

Anne Ricard

Researcher in equine genetics for the French Institute for Horses and Equitation and the National Institute for Agronomic Research


Ethologists, PhD or Master / DESS graduates

Deborah Bardou

Ethologist and equine welfare officer at the FFE

Claire Neveux

Master of Applied Ethology - Ethonova

Helene roche


Alice Ruet

PhD student in equine ethology at the National Institute of Agronomic Research


Equine health professionals, graduates in veterinary medicine, dentistry or osteopathy

Charles Barré

Veterinary doctor expert in nutrition

Michael brondeau

Equine dental technician FFTDE / GIPSA

Olivier Couderc

Equine veterinarian

Anne d'Hautefeuille

Animal osteopath

Julie dauvillier

Specialist veterinarian in internal horse medicine - ACVIM-ECEIM graduate

Stephanie Delattre

Equine veterinarian

Marie delerue

Veterinarian; equine health development engineer at the French Institute for Horses and Riding

Francis Desbrosse

Veterinary Doctor

Frédéric Thirouin

Veterinary doctor, laureate of the National Veterinary School of Alfort, former intern of ENVA and CIRALE


Engineers of life and the environment, graduates in agronomy

Geneviève de Sainte Marie

Agroecology project manager at the general directorate of food of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Angelique Descarpentry

Agricultural engineer

Pauline Dolurez

Development Engineer in horse feed and maintenance at the French Institute of Horses and Horse Riding

Anja zollinger

Agricultural engineer in equine sciences, scientific collaborator at the Swiss national stud farm of Agroscope


Professionals in the field, breeder or trainers, state-certified riding teachers

Caroline Godin

Head of the owners' stable at Haras de la Cense

Manuel Godin

Technical director of Haras de la Cense

Pierre Julienne

Breeder in Normandy

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