The La Cense method on video


Find all of the 8 degrees of the La Cense Method in video. Learn from home with 128 instructional videos to watch online, and chat with other learners on a dedicated forum. To watch without time limit.

Please note, this is not a DVD. This content can be viewed online.


The La Cense Method: 8 degrees in video

Degree 1: Start your progression of the Method with the basics of communication on foot - 20 exercises in video.
Degree 2: Consolidate your communication bases on foot, by combining the exercises - 17 exercises on video.
Degree 3: Develop your basic saddle skills - 18 video exercises.
Degree 4: Improve your direction, impulse and flexion control - 16 video exercises.
Degree 5: Improve your bonding on foot, on lanyard and on the go - 16 video exercises.
Degree 6: Develop your connection on foot, on lanyard and on the go - 13 exercises in video.
Degree 7: Refine the use of your aids - 13 video exercises.
Degree 8: Developing the horse's physique and mind - 15 video exercises.


Also available: new edition of The La Cense Method with 80 additional pages on horse welfare.

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