At the Haras de la Cense, we train both riders and horses.

This starts with understanding the nature of the horse. Ethology brings us an understanding of the animal, how it lives, communicates and learns. The nature of the horse differs from our own. This is why it is important to be familiar with and to understand horses in order to improve our relationship with them. Understanding horses and how they perceive and learn makes for a more enriching riding experience.

Sharing the horse’s everyday life helps horsemen and –women to thrive.

The rider is a teacher who must address both the horse’s mind and its body. It is important to explain to the horse what you expect: you should not force it, but convince it. Riders have to find a way to help the horse understand and comply with what is being asked of it, so that it can express itself in a physical way.

At the Haras de la Cense, the horse is at the heart of our approach. We are constantly striving to understand the animal better, to improve its well-being and to teach riders to speak the horse’s language.

It is a magical place where nature and horses teach the rider to remain humble and to progress on a daily basis.

The founder

Fondateur - William

William Kriegel, rider since his young years, discovered the American pioneers of natural horsemanship at the end of the 1990’s. He quickly embraced the idea that understanding the horse is the basis for building a successful relationship between the rider and the animal.

But he didn’t stop there. He created La Cense, a place devoted to nature and respect for the animal, to put into practice the teaching of this precious link between humans and horses, by applying an innovative teaching approach: the La Cense Method.
His aim is to share this new approach to horses not only with riding professionals or those who want to become riding professionals, but also with enthusiasts, so that they can enjoy learning together with their horses

As a French entrepreneur, William Kriegel spends some of his time in the US, where he develops large-scale industrial projects in the electricity production sector. In 2000, he bought a ranch in Montana (USA), where he raises black Angus cattle under the “Natural Ranching” label and uses the La Cense Method to train horses. The ranch hosts French students from the Ecole la Cense. Alongside the State University of Dillon (Montana), William Kriegel initiated the creation of the first Bachelor of Science in Natural Horsemanship in the USA and created a foundation dedicated to communicating knowledge about training horses.