The La Cense Method offers a training program for horses and riders. Its progressive series of exercises, structured into eight degrees, allows riders to strengthen their bond with their horses.

Degrees 1 and 2

Groundwork basics

Communication codes are established on the ground. The 20 exercises in degree 1 and the 17 exercises in degree 2 will help you evolve step by step, either on your own with the e-campus, or during a groundwork training course.

Degrees 3 and 4

Saddle work basics

The skills acquired on the ground are applied to saddle work. You can practice the 18 exercises in degree 3 and the 16 exercises in degree 4 with the e-campus or during the combined training and saddle work courses.

Degrees 5 and 6 

Liberty work

Your connection to your horse will be gradually tested, with a 7 m lunge line for the 16 exercises in degree 5 and then without for the 13 exercises in degree 6. Perfect your technique through the liberty work and expert liberty work courses.

Degrees 7 and 8


You will carry out complex maneuvers with the 13 exercises in the saddle in degree 7 and 15 bareback exercises with a halter & lead rope in degree 8. Perfect your sense of touch through the saddle work communication and excellence courses.

Guiding your horse through the learning process

Each degree includes between 15 and 20 exercises to encourage the horse to find the expected answers itself. The horse’s learning capacity develops in this way. The rider develops a harmonious relationship with their own horse in a way suited to their goals..

Getting started with the La Cense Method.

The La Cense Method is taught at La Cense in the form of courses and vocational training courses.

Innovative teaching materials ensure the La Cense content is highly accessible: videos and practical publications.

To complete your La Cense degree

Your progress is marked by sitting the La Cense degrees. The jury awards successful students with a colored string to reflect the level passed.