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You become a riding teacher in 22 months. During your training at La Cense and Cense Montana you follow the common training program, in horse riding, pedagogy and equestrian knowledge. You also develop transversal skills, such as techniques for handling and educating the horse, mobilizing knowledge in ethology and practicing English.

Who is this training for?

This training is intended for riders whose project is to become a professional in the horse trade, specializing in ethological riding and young horses.

For its international training, La Cense has chosen the path of excellence by offering a unique program: in 22 months you will prepare 4 diplomas (AE, BPJEPS, BFE EE 1 and 2).

Become an accomplished professional: in immersion in the horse world, at the heart of the Haras de la Cense, you follow intensive horse riding, online theoretical courses, advanced training in pedagogy and teaching the Cense method.

more than 900 p.m.
dedicated to practice

the 4 diplomas

During this course, you will leave 2,5 months in Montana (Dillon, MT, USA) to live in the heart of the horse world, to specialize in the breaking in of young horses, to practice English for horse men but also to discover another culture.

The pedagogical team

La Cense has the ambition to graduate teachers and horse men and women. It is based on 20 years of experience as a training organization, on an exceptional structure, doubly qualified teachers but also on a adapted cavalry, allowing everyone to achieve their goals.
Delivery charges fully digital theoretical supports, allowing each student to advance at their own pace.
Throughout your training, you benefit from expert interventions, renowned riders, ethologists, a sports coach…

Referents in France

GODIN Manual
Technical Director of La Cense

Caroline GODIN

Nathalie Accurso


Referent in the USA

Head of the natural horsemanship program at the University of Dillon Montana


Francis REBEL
Squire BEES 3 teacher, rider and show jumping coach


International event and show jumping rider

BFEE 3 riding teacher, specialist in walking

Educational planning

The training takes place over 22 months, including 2,5 months of stripping specialization in Montana (United States).

First year

September to May
Preparation AE and BFE EE I.
From Tuesday to Friday at La Cense. 
Saturday and Sunday at the Barn Hotel.

May to mid - August
Cleaning specialization at Cense Montana
(Dillon, MT, USA).

Second year

End of August - June
BPJEPS and BFE EE II preparation

From Tuesday to Friday at La Cense.
Saturday and school holidays in tutor center.

You participate in the life of the structure (management of horses, organization of events, follow-up of courses…).



UC 1 - Participate in the operation and maintenance of the equestrian structure.

UC 2 - Participate in the animation and supervision of equestrian activities in safety.

UC 3 - Mobilize professional techniques to ensure the maintenance work, care and well-being of school cavalry.


UC A - Animation - Manage the different phases of a session for a group of riders on foot or on horseback, with a view to preparing for Knowledge 1 to 5.

UC B - Technique - Get in touch with a horse and have a higher level of analysis of its behavior, its level of dressage, its achievements and its functioning.

UC C - Theory - Mobilize their knowledge of ethological riding and link their lived experiences with their theoretical and scientific knowledge.

BPJEPS, riding mention UC 1 - Supervise any public in any place and any structure. UC 2 - Implement an animation project as part of the structure's project. UC 3 - Conduct a session, a cycle of animation or learning in the field of equestrian activities. UC 4 - Mobilize the techniques of the mention "equestrian activities" to implement a session or a learning cycle.

Assessment methods

A jury made up of professionals from the sector validates the capitalizable units according to the following methods:

  • UC 1 validated in continuous control during times of professional situation and during a final examination
  • CU 2: evaluation of an educational file and conduct of a mounted work session
  • UC 3: technical test, with 3 tests on the loin, on the flat and over the obstacle
  • CU 1 and 2: oral defense of an animation project
  • UC 3: teaching file & teaching situation
  • CU 4: depending on the option chosen, an educational situation followed by a technical demonstration  
  • UC A: pedagogy test
    Supervision of a group during a walking / climbing work session
  • UC B: practical test
    Design and realization of a work session on foot / mounted
  • UC C: oral test
    Assessment of knowledge in equine ethology

Merit scholarships

The Institute for Man and Horse offers applicants a scholarship to integrate international training. Information and eligibility file on the website of the Institute.

Have a gallop equivalent level 6.

Hold the PSC1.

Be 18 years old.

Have license B.