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Diploma in Ethology and Equine Sciences

The purpose of this training program is to transmission of scientific knowledge. Teaching researchers, veterinarians, agronomists, ethologists and equestrian experts share their knowledge with you.

Behavior, habitat, food, health and education
, you develop your skills to optimize your management of horses, while respecting their well-being.

Sensitized to the scientific approach, you learn to build arguments, based on reliable knowledge:

  • Professionals, to transmit knowledge and to commit you to promote your structure, your activities and respond to customer requests;
  • To structure your project and your speech in an educational approach, adapted to your audience.

The course is spread over 10 months.

It represents a total of 80 hours of training, an average of 2 hrs per week.

  1. Theoretical online teaching: the MOOC La Cense ~ 56 hours
  2. Two days of practical work ~ 14 hours
  3. A transversal project ~ 10 hours

Practical days

You pass 2 days at Haras de la Cense.

The practical work and preparation for the final exam revolve around the following subjects:

  • Observation of horse behavior in a group
  • Analysis of the behavior of the horse alone or in interaction with humans
  • Study and adaptation of horse nutrition to his needs: practical cases
  • Progress report on transversal projects
  • Situation analysis training

Transversal project

In parallel and thanks to online training, you are presenting a transversal project. This consists of developing a educational support, which aims to transmit to the public of your choice, knowledge developed during the course. You choose the subject and the form of your project (video, educational panels, animation sessions, etc.) that you will present during the defense at the end of the training. A bibliographic record, using the sources of knowledge used in your teaching material, is handed over and evaluated by the jury during the final evaluation.

Oral exam

At the end of the training, you are assessed on your ability to analyze practices with regard to scientific recommendations and results, as well as to transmit knowledge in equine sciences by adapting to the public. The oral exam takes place in 2 parts:

- The presentation of the transversal project

- Analysis of a given situation

The “Ethology and Equine Sciences” diploma is awarded to students who have obtained a score greater than 10 in the deliverables (project and bibliography), the oral exams as well as all the tests of the 6 MOOC modules.

Horse professionals:

  • Teachers
  • breeders
  • Riders
  • Grooms

This program is also open to amateurs wishing to develop their scientific knowledge and their ability to transmit it.