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DU Ethics, Welfare and Horse Law

Professor Axel kahn, ethicist and horse man, set the founding lines of this University Diploma, attached to the Faculty of Law of Paris Descartes University.

In a period of evolving societal concerns, values ​​and representations, the responsibility of professionals widens. It requires openness to society and the integration of an ethical dimension in equestrian activities.

During this program, you understand the changes in sensibilities of the general public and develop your ability to meet the new expectations of customers, institutions and public and private partners. You question your practices and your speech, thanks to a multidisciplinary approach. You work on current ethical issues.

The training is spread over 12 months: 7 sessions of 2 days

Program and contributors subject to change.

Session 1: Fundamental lessons

  • Animal ethics
  • Philosophical approach to the animal condition
  • Equine sector institutions

Session 2: Legal status of the horse

  • Evolution of the legal condition of the horse
  • Soft Law: good practices, ethics, lobbying and influence networks
  • Foundation of the legal condition of the horse

Session 3: Ethics of equestrian practices

  • Ethology - scientific approach
  • Ethology of horse education based on ethology
  • Animal care and pain management - veterinary approach
  • Medication and pain management - legal and regulatory aspects in equestrian sports
  • Medication and pain management - legal and regulatory aspects in horse racing

Session 4: Man / horse relationship

  • History of the man / horse relationship
  • Cultural approach to the equine condition: literature, symbolic representation, spectacle, ...
  • Animal ethics
  • End of life for equines - veterinary approach

Session 5: Supervision of horse welfare

  • Legal framework for professional charters
  • Testimonial - Establishment of a professional charter
  • Sociology of animal work
  • Quality standards and animal ethics

Session 6: Societal aspirations confronted with the needs of the horse

  • Sociology of new leisure activities - opportunities for equestrian activities
  • Visit of a leisure site, positioned around animals and nature: Espace Rambouillet
  • Horse training - metabolic and health approach

Session 7: Ethics of horse-related leisure activities

  • Workshop: What questions does animal ethics raise for equestrian practices? How to present and communicate on horse welfare issues to the public?
  • Anthropology of human / horse relationships

Holders of the Baccalaureate or with professional experience deemed sufficient by the selection board.

  • Horse professionals
  • Managers and elected officials of the equine sector
  • Equestrian and amateur project leaders